A large metal object fell from the sky near the Maine State Capitol, narrowly missing a person walking outside

(CNN) A Maine Capitol Police employee was spared Monday when a large metal object apparently from an aircraft crashed to the ground outside the building, narrowly missing him, officials said.
"The 6-7 pound sleeve like object landed at a high velocity approximately 6-8 feet from Capitol Police Screener Craig Donahue who was walking outside the entrance," the state's public safety department said in a news release.
Two other people were in the area and saw the object fall around 12:30 p.m. near the capitol building in AugustaCapitol Police notified the Augusta State Airport and the Federal Aviation Administration, according to the release.
"The FAA has launched an investigation while attempting to locate the source of the part which is likely from a large airliner on an international route," the news release said.