Greg Gutfeld: What’s with all the people eating bugs?

What's with all the people eating bugs?
GREG GUTFELD: DEMOCRATS ARE SUDDENLY AGAINST CRITICIZING LAW ENFORCEMENT[Video of celebrities eating bugs]They couldn’t even act like they enjoyed it.
Of course, now some claim that you should be eating insects in order to reduce carbon emissions.
He was talking about how his voices were telling him to go to, I don't know, to go eat insects.
So now it's a moral obligation to eat insects.
But we just fired that personFirst, they're going to tell you that eating insects isn't at all weird.
And then finally, you're racist if you don't eat insects.
Actually wrote a FactCheck piece claiming eating insects isn't harmful.
I'm going to quote this social media post saying that chitin contained in insect exoskeleton cannot be processed by the human body.
The humans who didn't find eating insects revolting died.
But what really sucks, and the whole point is this -- is that they ignore the main reason that humans eat bugs.
The lack of prosperity that forces them to eat insects, like the president's BMs, it's not voluntary.