Texas church experiments with AI-generated service, uses ChatGPT for worship, sermon, and original song

With artificial intelligence seemingly infiltrating every facet of our lives, one church decided to experiment with the technology for one of its services last week.
The Violet Crown City Church, located in Austin, held an AI-generated service on Sunday, describing the experiment as "uncharted territory."
"This Sunday we’re entering somewhat uncharted territory by letting ChatGPT create the order of worship, prayers, sermon, liturgy, and even an original song for our 10 a.m. service," the church wrote on its official Facebook page.
"The purpose is to invite us to consider the nature of truth and challenge our assumptions about what God can make sacred and inspired."
The church acknowledged such an experiment would be easy to write off, but encouraged its members to keep an open mind.
the church said, clarifying that this would be a "one-time experiment and not something we’ll likely do again."
NEW AI OFFERS ‘PERSONAL PROTECTION’ AGAINST ABDUCTIONS, CRIMINAL THREATSThe church assuaged any worries that "Skynet" – a reference to the fictional AI system in the Terminator franchise – had taken control of the church.
One church attendee told KXAN he was able to worship, but the service ultimately lacked the human touch.
"I’m not sure that AI can actually express the emotions of love and kindness and empathy," Chambers said.
"I think that we must practice love and express that.
Not only feel it, but we must express it."
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